Company Philosophy & Organization


Established in 1993, Grand Pan-Well have spared no efforts to contribute Taiwan pharmaceutical industry and exhibited remarkable ability to accomplish what others couldn’t achieve. This has resulted in being one of the reputable pharmaceutical companies in Taiwan. With our ambition, we constantly keep looking for high quality and affordable pharmaceutical/healthcare products contributing to Taiwan patients and consumers.


We believe professionals want to buy products from an expert. Seminars at the channels providing correct product knowledge is what we believe very important to establish professional brand image. Aiming to provide the products with safety, high quality and efficacy to the patients and the consumers is always Grand Pan-Well's mission for the benefit of the public health.



With our ambition, we constantly keep looking for the premium quality products supported by clinical evidence, patented techniques and innovative action mechanism for patients and consumers based on our regulatory experience in assisting new products' penetration into Taiwan market. Innovative thinking in the industry keeps us moving.


The business and social responsibility keeps us growing and our focus on brand image building refrains us from pricing competition and keeps our products in distinguished market segments so that our partnership with the international manufacturers can be on a more sustainable basis. / +886-2-25461010 / 9F-1, No. 95, Nanking East Road, Sec. 4, Taipei, Taiwan © 2020